Austria #

Organizations and institutions #

  • Queer Base is an Austrian LGBTQ refugee organization aimed at providing shelter, support, and resources for LGBTQ refugees, as well as promoting the protection and advocacy of LGBTQ refugee rights.

Transgender Medical Care #

Questioning transgender medical care in German-speaking regions 1

Learning #

First Steps to Studying in Austria

Details on visa application requirements and more

Third Country| Students with letter of admission| No mobility program | No agreement with higher education institution| Residence permit for students staying longer than 6 months

Naturalization #

Reference Austrian Citizenship - Austrian Immigration Authority

  • Requires legal and continuous residence for 10 years, with a residence permit for the last 5 years, with no requirement for the previous five years of residence permits.\n- No criminal or administrative proceedings.
  • Sufficient income in the last six years, unless there are objective reasons beyond the individual’s control.
  • Required German language proficiency exam and naturalization exam.
  • …..

  1. Provided by the Say Duck Language Channel: “Questioning transgender medical care in German-speaking regions, the part about Austria is written quite well in the comments, recommended for friends who want to go to Austria to read.” ↩︎

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