Commentary on Top 60-120 Liberal Arts Colleges

Introduction to Top 60-120 Liberal Arts Colleges #

  • If the student population at the school has decreased in recent years (check the data), then it will be easier to apply for scholarships because they need your presence to polish their reputation. (After all, you are a good token.)
  • The pressure depends on your language proficiency and academic ability. If you have a near-native language level and all A’s, then there is no pressure. Most students at this level of school have poor academic performance, so rigor will be correspondingly lower.
  • Various facilities are complete. Generally, most places have unisex restrooms, and it’s okay to use the one you recognize. Other facilities are the same.
  • Support is hard to say. Most schools have psychological counseling but don’t expect too much. Don’t expect the school to help you when you encounter injustice. For reputation’s sake, the school generally supports the aggressor.
  • Staying in the US through work requires long-term planning.
  • Generally speaking, it is easier to apply for graduate school in liberal arts colleges.

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