Transgender University Guidance

Transgender University Guidance #

May we be able to break the chains and fly freely.

Please feel free to contribute to this handbook. If there are any problems with the hyperlink, please also inform us.

Currently, our primary focus is on academic higher education, but we are also making efforts to supplement information on vocational-oriented higher education.

Please note that due to limited contributors, many contents may not fully reflect the current situation and are provided for reference only. The information in this manual may be outdated, so the data should be used for reference purposes only. Please pay attention to the last updated time at the bottom of each page. We have indicated the data sources for most of the data, so please refer to the data sources for the latest information.

Audience #

The primary target audience for the English version is our friends all over the world.

Contact #

If you have anything you want to discuss, please feel free to contact us in the following ways:

Github: TransAcademicUniGuidance

Contribute #

Content Orientation #

We would like to receive more information about this.

  • The status of different countries/universities, which can indicate specific universities/research institutions.
  • How best to complete the exploration of academic paths at the high school/undergraduate level.
  • what skills are available that are commonly used in research or development in industry and how to prepare for such skills
  • How to find jobs for transgenders in different countries and in different fields
  • etc. Anything you think would be a good addition to this handbook.

If there is another area we should talk about and share, you can also contact us using the email address.

How to participate #

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