Data Science

Data Science #

With the development and application of artificial intelligence and data science, many companies such as Baidu and Huawei have also increased the number of competitions in this area and given generous prizes, etc.

Learning #

If your college already offers related courses, such as machine learning and so on, you can try out and try hands-on practice in advance. But please don’t let the fact that many libraries have already implemented some of the functions prevent you from understanding the principles.

Contests #

The following is only a list of some relatively well-recognized or potentially helpful ones, not an exhaustive list of all competitions. Thus, if you are interested, please use search or other means to get competitions that better fit your research direction.

Kaggle #

Kaggle offers both datasets and forums, as well as contests, a very valuable site.


KDD, under ACM, is highly recognized and difficult.

Drivendata #

Various competitions, with prizes.


Every year, but the URL changes every year, so please search “ICME” for the latest address.

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