Europe #

Attitudes toward LGBTQA+ vary widely across Europe, with Western and Northern Europe being more open overall, Central and Southern Europe moderate, and Eastern Europe worse.

Medical Resources #

Public Health Care #

There may be public health care in your country that can support the prescription of transgender-related medications and periodic diagnoses, but there are problems with long wait times and high rates of refusal for underage transgenders.

GenderGP #

In our survey, we found that the services provided by GenderGP are used by many transgenders.

Price #

Take for example a transgender woman who is willing to provide this information. She pays an initial consultation fee of £100 (now, it is £195) for her first registration and requires a follow-up consultation every six months for £30. At the same time, there is a monthly subscription fee of £30 and a blood test fee of €73 every three months. The medication obtained is at standard pharmacy prices.

Details can be found on their costs page.

Friendliness Survey #

Rainbow Europe tracks the status of countries on different indicators each year to gauge how friendly each country is to the sexually diverse community. Please note, however, that there are cases where countries rank high overall but are not friendly to transgender groups. Thus, it is recommended to carefully identify from the table how trans-friendly the country’s policies are.

The detailed PDF version of the map and tables can be viewed by clicking on the following link.

Rainbow Europe Map and Tables 2022 Edition

2022 Map PDF

2022 Tables PDF

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