Regions and Countries

Regions and countries #

It is important for us to choose a region to study, work, and live in. In a place that suits us, we can make sure that we will not be hurt, that we can develop ourselves better, and then we will have more power to build our community and improve the situation around the world.

Surveys and Reports #

Before looking at any report, we need to point out one thing: most of the reports are not a complete reflection of the situation of transgenders in the country. Most rankings will focus on freedom of expression, legal protections, etc., but the difficulty of accessing medical resources and the extent to which medications and surgeries are covered by commercial insurance/social security, which are equally important for trans people, are often overlooked 1. Thus, if possible, ask partners living locally and look for local transgender exchange groups on various online platforms to get more information.

Due to events such as the Anti-Trans Act in late 2022 and early 2023 in many countries in the UK and US, we strongly recommend that you pay extra attention to news from relevant regions in addition to our website. In addition, the national LGBT rights entry 2 on Wikipedia can also be used as a reference, but please refer to the English and local language versions for the most up-to-date and accurate information whenever possible.

There is a worldwide survey of LGBTQA+ rights published by Asher & Lyric.

Rainbow Europe also provides more detailed statistics on European countries, with specific information available on the Europe page.

In addition, here is a list of medical resources related to gender identity (North America and Europe, some in Chinese) available here. Please note that the information may be outdated or delayed, so please verify it again.

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