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Energy Management During the Application Process

19 January 2023

It’s a common initial thought — at the start of the application process, I tend to see it as a sprint. With just fifty meters left to the finish line, a final push seems enough to get through it. By this stage, language proficiency is secured, background experiences are in place, and many with the urge to study abroad view their desired destinations as lands of opportunity, thinking what’s left is just the result, right? ...

Finland Transgender Newcomer's Guide

5 August 2023

Finland Transgender Newcomer’s Guide # Mainly for the Helsinki region. Last updated on August 5, 2023. Before Arriving in Finland # In theory, do not bring any prescription medication into the Schengen Area without a prescription, and do not exceed one month for over-the-counter medications (check border control regulations). When you have a prescription, you are allowed to carry the medication indicated on the prescription, and the quantity should not exceed six months. ...

Name change in Finland

18 December 2023

A Brief Guide to Name Changes for Transgender Individuals in Finland # In this article, “you” is universally referred to as “ni.” We apologize for any instances where this standard was not maintained. Name changes already made outside of Finland can be updated for free. Please refer to this website. How to Submit an Application # Note that if you wish to change your gender marker as well, refer to Confirmation of gender - DVV. ...

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