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In Australia, this website provides a wealth of information. The trans-friendly list on it might not be updated timely. Therefore, it’s suggested to visit r/transgenderau - Reddit to see discussions and gather more information.

Transgender Medical Resources #

In Australia, adults can proceed with informed consent to access Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) / Gender Affirming Hormone Treatment. Specifically, you can contact a local qualified doctor. Some school physicians might be eligible, but if not, they will refer you elsewhere, which might lead to some delay. The speed of obtaining hormones partly depends on the doctor’s approachability. In faster cases, medications can be prescribed within two to three weeks. Additionally, these doctors mainly prescribe hormones and antagonists, but they might not be very knowledgeable about gender confirmation surgeries, so they might not provide expert advice.

Also, some feedback suggests that severe mental conditions might influence a doctor’s willingness to prescribe.

Education #

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Most students who have received education on this kind of equality tend to be more open-minded. They would use the correct pronouns and names. Some school dormitories are co-ed, so there are fewer issues related to accommodation.

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Most Australian schools’ information systems also allow the use of a preferred name. Additionally, Oxford Street in Sydney is worth a visit.

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